Why won’t the State participate in Shrelauter’s vendettas?


Tis a mystery!

Into the ole Yokel inbox appeared two letters that Kirby posted to Facebook. They are from the office of the Attorney General and this is oh so professional to post these to Facebook, isn’t it? Well Kirby is outraged over the corruption apparent in these two documents:

Honorable?! LOL!





How does running off to the State with their vendettas align with their local control mantra? These two frequently complain about the State’s laws and their overreach. Yet, when they have a problem with the meanie CE off they trot to the State in hopes of giving her the good what for. Curiously, the Attorney General’s office did not pick up the fight. Who knew these two were such prolific letter writers?  Perhaps now they can putting those writing skills to use and propose some legislation that would fix what ails them. Because if they had done that to begin with, perhaps they wouldn’t have to write futile letters to the Attorney General.




2 thoughts on “Why won’t the State participate in Shrelauter’s vendettas?

  1. The AG’s Office must provide advice or an opinion to requests from state elected officials (Governor, State Senators, Delegates, etc.). The AG’s Office may provide advice or an opinion to a request from the chief executive officer of a local government (mayor, county exec, president of county commissioners) if: 1) it concerns a statewide matter; and 2) includes a thorough analysis and opinion on the issue from the local government’s attorney. The AG’s Office will almost never (and really does not have the time or resources to) provide advice or an opinion to requests from individual members of a local government’s legislative body. Don’t be surprised if Councilmembers Delauter & Shreeve simply hand the letters to a sympathetic member of the County’s delegation to Annapolis (most likely Senator Hough) who will in turn make the same requests to the AG’s Office. Contrary to popular belief, an AG’s opinion or advice letter is not binding, although they do carry some weight.


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