Scientology is not going to bully our county council!!!

At the April 19th meeting the county council is going to present their findings in response to yet another lawsuit brought forth by Social Betterment Properties (AKA Scientology, Narconon, Xenu’s leftovers). Read the whole resolution here if you please, or just  read through our highlights:

2016-04-14 (1)

First off, many structures on the property are not that old. (That’s right young’un’s the 1960’s was not that  long ago.)

2016-04-14 (2)

Anecdotal information does not meet the standard of proving whether or not something is historic. You will have to do better than that!

2016-04-14 (3)

The structures on  this property are neither unique nor rare.

2016-04-14 (4)


The criteria was not met and this decision was NOT based on religious discrimination of any individual, group or person. (Tangent-What’s the difference between an individual and a person?)

2016-04-14 (5)


Billy is still the only hold out.  But to the rest of our council members: We here at the Yokel salute you! Thank you for sticking to your guns and  not allowing litigation to bully you into changing your minds.

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