Billy and the winds of change.

There's always some excuse.
There’s always some excuse.

Faithful readers know that Billy loves to taunt his fellow council members with his abstentions, voting against his own motions, and asking inane questions. Now we can add voicing opposition to a project that he voted for while he was a member of the BOCC.

In today’s Political Notes, Danielle Gaines writes of the letter that Bud Otis wrote on behalf of the county council asking that the hotel tax be increased from 3% to 5%. Now Billy and Kirby were not happy about this. They countered with their own letter:

In short, it said, “Please let it be known that Council Members Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter are not in agreement” with Otis’ letter.

“Kirby and I were like, absolutely not, we don’t support that,” Shreve said later in the week. He said the original letter gave the false impression the entire council agreed with it.

Like no way man! Like we can’t support anything that Bud does. No way no how!

Well folks,  that part was predictable wasn’t it?  What wasn’t was this:

Also this week, Shreve is facing questions about his apparent former support for a downtown hotel and conference center proposal that also contemplated city, county and state tax-increment financing bonds.

The Board of County Commissioners, which included Shreve and Delauter, voted unanimously on Sept. 25, 2014, to support a joint resolution with the city of Frederick in favor of the project.

What’s that now, Billy? So he was for the project knowing that public funding was on the table when he was commissioner, but now he’s against it.

His excuse:

“Blaine said it would be awesome”

Just kidding, kinda. Here’s what he really said:

Shreve said he had an incomplete picture of the project’s budget at the time. “The funding sources were not put together back then,” he said.


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