Guess who’s coming to court?



Xenu have mercy the Scientologists are back!! And they are suing everyone in this county!!! According to that good old Maryland Case Search site, Social betterment has filed a:

Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief and Request for Expedited Relief with Exhibits

Now our lawyerly friends are going to have to help us with what exactly this is. It is a civil suit so it sounds like they want some moolah. The list of defendants is longer than a life of a Thetan:

  1. Frederick County
  2. Frederick County Department of Development and Review
  3. Frederick County Zoning Administration
  4. Frederick County Planning and Permitting Division

Those well versed in Scientology, as many of us have become over the last year, know this is their M.O. Sue, sue , and sue some more until they get their way. Things haven’t worked out so far for them in our fine county. Let’s hope that trend continues.

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