Can we put this dead horse to rest? Your March 1st drinking game.


Don't make Misty have to come down there Kirby!
Don’t make Misty have to come down there Kirby!

Well folks, tonight will hopefully be the night that this ethics snafu gets all sorted out. Kirby successfully tabled it for a few weeks with a letter from his lawyer. If you click on the ethics bill on tonight’s agenda, you will see the county lawyer had a pretty strong opinion as to the outrageous nature of Kirby’s complaints. Please remember this game is for entertainment purposes only. Billy is way too busy abstaining to help any of you out.

When Billy continues down the path of abstaining to prove some point that we are sure that even he has forgotten, have yourself a thermos of Whiskey Sours. It brings back memories of another incident when some fellas used some very bad judgment.

If Kirby say one gosh darn thing about this ethics bill, and we mean ONE, have yourself a Trojan Horse. Because, yokels, we may have to embark upon one and raid Winchester Hall if this isn’t settled tonight.

There really isn’t any way that impact and construction fees are going to be passed tonight. Not with Tony and Kirby’s “plan” to privatize the school buildings. So during the long, prolonged, tortuous soliloquy that Tony will surely put us through have a few Wake Up Calls, since you will need the boost.

Hopefully, the contentious part of our evening has come to a close. Brunswick is having some economic trouble and would like to be designated an enterprise zone. Hopefully no one will step in the way of a local jurisdiction trying to solve their economic problems, but if (when) they do, slam back a Flaming Mouthwash to keep your cussing under control.

We end with some talk of agricultural easements, public comment and council member comments. Its been a long night so grab some sparkling water and try to keep your cool.

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