Billy’s delusional musings. Part 10,543.


What a sad time of the year this must be for Mr. Shreve. All this one year anniversary talk reminds him of the good old days that are, with each passing awful day, becoming a faint memory. Who could have predicted that Blaine wouldn’t become head honcho?Or that he wouldn’t be appointed King of the County Council? As he drags himself out of bed on this foggy Sunday morning, we can only image the wounds he must painstakingly tend to. Every day since you treacherous, brainwashed voters decided that wasn’t the kind of government you wanted.

Last week, we wrote of his delusional letter that appeared in both the Emmitsburg and Woodsboro papers. Today we have another post to add to the Billy file now entitled: Everyone is wrong but I. First this juicy little item sent to us by a good friend of the yokel:


Of course not a one of us is surprised that he’s a fan of the real life version of a oompa loompa.  However, the assertion that he is the one putting up with stupidity is beyond your humble yokel’s comprehension.  Then there’s this from today’s FNP:

“You have a lot of smart people who are collectively dysfunctional,” Councilman and former county commissioner Billy Shreve said last week. “I don’t think there is a working relationship. It’s the worst relationship I’ve ever seen.”

Shreve abstained from 61 votes in the council’s first year, a move which his council colleagues have criticized from their shared dais.

Shreve said the abstentions are not political grandstanding, but he will not cast votes when he feels there is not enough information on an item. That includes every vote relating to the county’s budget until the council has its own budget officer and every item on which he feels county staff has not provided enough information, Shreve said.

“I hope it will get the attention it deserves,” Shreve said.

Yes, we had to read that twice as well friends.  61 times in one year this man has abstained! Then he dares to throw out the totally b.s. excuse that it’s all due to the fact that he doesn’t have enough information. Is there one fool out there who believes that? He seems to have no problem casting a vote when he’s against something. He was somehow the only one able to obtain all the info necessary to approve Trout Run’s historical designation. Why is it so doggone hard for him to find out the information that everyone else on that dais seems to be able to obtain? Every time we have watched a meeting he abstains from voting on the freaking agenda.  Even Kirby and Tony weren’t dumb enough to jump on that ridiculous bandwagon. Something else that strikes us is that Billy doesn’t seem to think he’s to blame for the dysfunctional relationship between members of the council. Like a pre-adolescent child everything is always someone else’s fault.  He lives in an alternative universe where everyone else is either stupid, a patsy or incompetent. How lonely it must be for him to be the only one that knows what is really going on. What must it be like to live in that head of his? We imagine it must look something like this:


2 thoughts on “Billy’s delusional musings. Part 10,543.

  1. Interesting how we see him the same exact way, like a spoiled child, kicking and screaming. Love the Homer picture spot on BTW. Also I love this blog. you all are funny, then again you do have some comical characters to work with.


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