Age-restricted MTC: a thing that has Shreve going round in circles

Yup. Hang on to your hats, locals, it’s gonna be a crazy ride to follow this one.

Political notes in the FNP today (Sept. 11, 2015) has struck irony gold. Shreve has filed a PIA request to find out what he could simply ask Bud Otis about. The topic is what he believes to be a super secret deal trying to make the Monrovia Town Center development age-restricted. This would spread out the traffic concentration to different times of day maybe, and not stretch the schools any farther than they are now–not a terrible idea, really!

What is just knee-slapping hilarity is that Billy seized on the idea that they could just make MTC age restricted during the council discussion last meeting. That would be the one about what the heck they were going to be able to do to alleviate the FACT letter taint (Mr. Smith and his dumb letter writing: will he learn?). Over and over, to the point of exhaustion. In his ever exasperated tone. Never you mind that it would be impossible take that direction at that point in the process (and you really have to ask yourself how this continues to confuse an experienced elected official).


Is this part of the Fantasy Conspiracy League Draft, hosted on Facebook by the Billy/Kirby/(Chmelik? please definitively distinguish yourself, man) faction of their party? Who can say for sure, but as they say, “It would be irresponsible not to speculate…”

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