What the cuss, Billy? Let’s talk about Kofi Annan.

We’ve already taken a position about this language ordinance. To get redundant, the federal government does not have an official language because it is thought to be a violation of free expression. People into civil liberties think that It’s Unnecessary, Unconstitutional, and Unsafe.”

Communities far more diverse than Frederick function without announcing their intent to discriminate. Montgomery County’s website basically says go use Google translate and they aren’t responsible if you mess it up. See how onerous that is?

Billy, he has reasons, and it’s not really worth thinking too much about them, but here’s one that’s funny because now we are going to think about the U.N. and hold them up as an example of how to conform. It’s the New World Order, folks–let’s do this thing! Welcome, Kofi Annan. Tell us what language to speak.

The United Nations, the largest inclusive governing body in the world, with 193 of the 206 countries in the world represented, has six official languages: Arabic (Literary), Chinese (standard Chinese, simplified Chinese characters), English (British spelling), French, Russian and Spanish. In 2001, the United Nations mostly used English, not all six languages, because of budget constraints and the cost of producing official documents in all six languages. At the time, the U.N. was led by Ghanaian Kofi Annan. I’m sure he would be more than happy to discuss English as the official language. He lived with the costs of translating documents when he was in charge of the U.N. in 2001. Instead of interpreting U.N. documents into six languages, he decided to use mostly English. (per Billy, Frederick News Post July 12, 2015)


We will make space on our calendar to attend the English-only seminar when Kofi Annan visits.
We will make space on our calendars to attend the English-only seminar when Kofi Annan visits.

How funny! They have 6 languages, made no official policy changes, but they just mostly used English. What if we just mostly use English? We could be just like that. We already were just like that, as a matter of fact, before small-government-minded people started making unnecessary legislation.

P.S. A whole ‘nuther post could be made wringing him out for insinuating that this type of legislation has something to do with being pawns for Jan Gardner, because that literally makes no sense. Is she going to profit somehow from Spanish. Just…what?

P.P.S. Also, sign language, Americans with Disabilities Act. Already done. Nonnegotiable.

**oh psst hey, here’s another LTE today with some actual thoughtful comparisons to how stuff is done elsewhere made by a well-traveled Army veteran.

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