The dumbest thing since yesterday: redefining totalitarianism

Is this guy for real? Apparently the bar for logical thinking has been set so low that we are now being treated to a host of writers digging down to go underneath it. Congratulations, Farrell Keough, for being less rational than Billy Shreve. We weren’t given a single day to recover. I believe Cliff Cumber was on the Twitter recently saying everyone was going to get all riled up with the stuff to come. He was not even kidding.

TLDR version: totalitarianism is expecting your elected representative to represent you. Good to know. We’re all guilty of totalitarianism here. If we can help with clarifying this, there is a short educational post you may be interested in.

Fun with hyperbole!
Fun with hyperbole!

Keough is probably confused because he read a book by someone who thinks that if you insult a Supreme Court justice who wrote a dissenting opinion that you don’t like, that’s the new totalitarianism. Silly, silly. That’s the first amendment freedom we especially like. We are so totalitarianish lately.




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