All in good fun! HUZZA!
Drink Responsibly, Locals and Yokels Alike!

Stock your bar! County Budget Transfers are on Tuesday’s agenda. It will be streaming on FCG TV starting at 4:30. If you have ever enjoyed/stared slack-jawed at a “reality show” on “The Learning Channel,” do we ever have a treat for you! Reality in its purest form: local government. Representative democracy in, um, action…is that the word we are looking for? It’ll have to do.

Suggested rules of the game (you may have to amend these for your own safety):

  • Environmental science is alluded to as a faith-based matter–drink.
  • For any reason the spin is spun that the “Rain Tax” has been repealed–drink.
  • During the budget transfer discussion libraries are regarded as obsolete/undeserving–drink.
  • Kirby loses his temper–make a round of Angry Balls.
  • Abstains from vote–drink.
    • Billy makes it a trend–add Absinthe to your shopping list for next time.
  • Grover Norquist’s name is invoked during public comments–finish your drink.
  • Anything that might be paraphrased, “Kirby Delauter is being slighted; teachers are favored: no fair, no fair, no fair.”–drink.

Comment on our Facebook Page to suggest rules for Thursday’s meeting. The agenda looks promising.