County Council Meeting Tonight: The Drinking Game

Tonight’s meeting has all the signs and potential for a great drinking game. The Local Yokel does not advocate drinking and driving or even following these rules to a T. This game is theoretical and for entertainment purposes only.

So grab a bottle of your favorite beverage (or take our suggestions) and prepare to settle in for great time.

Here are the rules:

  • If Billy comes early drink beer (we’re thinking about your liver here)
  • If Billy comes late drink Southern Comfort
  • If Kirby mentions Jiffy Lube – Make a Motor Oil 
  • If anyone mentions Scientology/Narconon/Trout Run/Xenu/E-Meter/L. Ron Hubbard or Dianetics drink a Champipple 
  • Anytime someone mentions budget cuts – drink
  • Anytime a council member makes a snarky comment – drink
  • Two drinks if someone needs to think before voting
  • If anyone says MOE is sufficient take a drink

Maybe this isn’t a good drinking game after all. We are tipsy in anticipation of all the potential drinking that could be done if you follow our rules. So just pick one beverage of your choice and follow the link below to watch along at 4:30 pm this afternoon.

Click here to watch live.

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