December 15th drinking game–Will Disco Doug finally let Billy have it?

You better step off Billy!
You better step off Billy!

Greetings and salutations, Yokels! This week’s agenda doesn’t look very exciting, but you know with a guy on the council who can’t open his mouth without being at least partially dumb, there will still be a reason to drink.

If anyone frowns during the fire hat distribution photo op slam back a 911.

Any non sequiturs or questions which are really complaints on the budget transfers kindly sip a What the hell? Because we don’t really know what to say about this behavior anymore.

When Billy abstains from approving the minutes, yell at your TV or computer loudly : Lie down and shut up!

Here comes the fun part. After watching Billy antagonize Doug on numerous occasions, and having recently written a “letter” in which Billy refers to Doug as “Disco Doug,” we feel like there will be some inevitable Billy manufactured drama when Doug comes to present the County Executive’s appointment. Just line up a row of your favorite shots and drink at will!

If anyone has trouble understanding the summary presented by the audit company, make yourself a good old Exit the brain!

And now one last pic for our faithful readers to laugh their asses off over :

Uh, Billy needs to know that he’s not the lion in this scenario…