It’s a Cox Trumpsgiving miracle!

Boy, do we have some good stuff for you this morning! Insurrectionist Dan Cox once again proves that he has the absolute worst political instincts of any American political candidate, anywhere!

Complete and total endorsement! How fancy!

This really begs the question: Does Dan know what state he lives in?

Where does most of Maryland’s population live? It’s not that hard to find out!

Larry Hogan had a bit of fun with this yesterday:

And a very obvious one!

It’s very apparent that Dan doesn’t want to win. If he did, he would have taken a page out of Youngkin’s playbook and avoided Trump like the plague. But then again, critical thinking isn’t one of Dan’s strong suits!

We’ll leave you with some comments from the FNP article on this travesty:

That’s all you can do with these people!


We have a blockhead in Cox!

Don’t say literally everyone didn’t try to warn ya!

Scroll back through our last few posts and you will see that we’ve had a lot to say about our local characters and their reaction to the pandemic crisis. Over these past few days we’ve had the severe displeasure of seeing an elected official, whose supporters repeatedly have to remind everyone that he’s “an attorney,” risk his constituents’ health in order to toe the Trump line. Take a gander at this letter he penned to Governor Hogan.

You would think “an attorney” would have better grammar skills. Recreate on a golf course? Fresh air fun? He has the same weird difficulties with using our language as Donald J. Trump. It’s like they all have the syphilis brain. And please tell us specifically which one of your amendments have been violated. Have you even read them? So help him God, Governor! We are sure this 5:00 deadline was rightfully ignored.


Why doesn’t Mr. Attorney know about

2016 Maryland Code
Public Safety
Title 14 – Emergency Management
Subtitle 3A – Governor’s Health Emergency Powers
§ 14-3A-03. Governor’s orders?

Click through the link to become more educated!

It gets worse, because of course it does. He’s also advocating that everyone go on down to Annapolis today and clog the hell out of traffic. Because that’s not dangerous at all in a health crisis…He also makes some claims that make it seem as though he’s the one inflating the numbers around here!

Is it too much to wish that they all have to hold their bladders for hours?


A little discrepancy in the numbers!

Then this morning, well it just got weird:

You can remove #WEAREMARYLAND. You are not our Maryland, fella!

This is going to take awhile to mire through, but hell we are  good, compassionate citizens who are keeping our asses at home, so we’ve got time!

We KNOW that those of us who are compassionate, caring citizens are wearing our face coverings. We don’t look upon our fellow citizens as carjackers or robbers because we are smart enough to discern the difference.

We KNOW all the hard work our teachers put into continuing our children’s education and how much talent and skill it takes to do so. We will not fall for false equivalencies.

We KNOW (because two of us have children who are seniors this year) that it is indeed disappointing to miss out on certain celebrations. But it is necessary, and our children realize it is necessary, and they do not feel sorry for themselves.

We KNOW how poorly the national Republicans handled are handling this crisis, and how they have blood on their hands from their inaction.

We KNOW that it is an act of charity to stay home. While we are all missing out on things we like to do, we know it isn’t going to be forever. Nobody is preventing anybody from worshipping the deity of their choice. Leave the religious persecution complex at the door, please!

We KNOW how caring citizens do everything they can to support the local businesses in their area and how our local government is doing everything in its power to offer those businesses a helping hand.

We KNOW that the state government is doing the best they can in a completely novel situation and has a bunch of naysayers questioning them though they know no better. (Less better, in fact.)

We KNOW that because necessary orders were put into place, we do not fare as badly as other less cautious states. And for that, we will be eternally grateful.

We CAN NOT tolerate the woefully ignorant and uncompassionate around us, even if they somehow slithered into elected office. ESPECIALLY if they slithered their way into elected office.

Our muse, the Wonkette, has an excellent post about a Trump advisor likening these reopen people to Rosa Parks. We’ll drop it here because we couldn’t have said it any better:


If you are curious about what our fellow Marylanders were up to in Annapolis today, take a look here: