Let’s bring back the Black List!! What could go wrong?


In today’s edition of “Guess who wasn’t paying attention in History class” we have this little nugget:


That’s right folks pass it along!!! According to some criteria that “someone” gets to determine, college professors will be added to a “watchlist”. OOOHHH Scary!!! We love how the American Association of College Professors have reacted to it, because really McCarthy lovers screw you:


We wish that was all we had to bring you but there is a comment on Kirby’s post that needs attention:


That’s right!!! ALL Liberal Scum Teachers need to be placed on the list!!! Oh we would love to see the criteria to be placed upon said list! And where’s the watch list for Right Wing Propaganda Professors? Tis only fair!

So much easier!

It’s at this point that we really must congratulate the voters of Frederick County for keeping this one off the school board! Can you imagine if she had any kind of real power to do such a thing? Jeeze o’flip people!!!

For those of you who praise Putin, want to replace investigative journalism with Twitter and think it’s all find and dandy to black list people, we have this for you:

Think  before you post people!!