A top ten in 2020? Okay, fine.

Might as well…

Things are looking up, even in the midst of a total shitstorm, so we might as well keep our end of year traditions in place. Here’s a list of our most read posts of 2020.

10. On March 24th, the very beginning of the pandemic around these here parts, we predicted that some folks will be social pariahs when this is all over with. They’re still working on it believe it or not! We will be happy to lead the shunning when we have put this all behind us:


7 Signs Of Social Outcasts | viralbrothers
There’s lots of words that need to be taken back!

9. Dan Bongino makes an appearance on our list. Former Maryland Congressional candidate and now a podcaster of ill repute, Dan adds nothing of value to our national discourse. Maybe that’s why Billy likes him so much!


8. One of our old characters made it back on our radar. Tony Chemlik, mansplainer extraordinaire, decided to broadcast his views to the Facebook world about how hoaxy this whole Covid thing was. Such big brains on our posts this year!


7. We’ve had to pay too much attention to Delegate Dan this year. Mostly because we want a nice record of his misdeeds to put out into the world when he runs for re-election. But, also because we can’t let this much stupidity go unchecked. If you missed it, read this post on how giving those lazy Civil War vets a pension made them unfit to work! He then tried to expand this erroneous theory into a reason not to give people money to survive during the pandemic. NICE!


MoscowMitch McConnell ..... Let Them Have 600 ! : Trumpvirus
How generous!!!

6. Some worse things happened today refers to an “expose” that Cindy Rose wrote on the noodlely appendage this year. It continues into #5, which was the first part of the ground-breaking (or logic-breaking) series that exposes the fact that FCPS teaches kids (take a seat folks) about the human reproductive system! What century is this lady living in anyway?


The people giving accurate information to the children are the ones actually thinking of them! How do you like them apples?!

5. Here’s the first story in the series, oh the things we could pay attention to before Covid hit!


4. We don’t get to write about Kirby very much, though his flowchart from years ago still brings a tear to our eyes when we need a nice little pick me up. This year, despite once upon a time supporting the new county charter AND running for CE, he decided it was no good. Curious that they couldn’t muster up enough signatures to bring the dissolution of our government to the ballot this year.


It’s always a good time to look at the flowchart again!

3. We rarely have to discuss Billy Shreve anymore. But, for some reason, an old Billy article back from 2017 got a lot of views this year. It’s worth revisiting though as it’s a nice little synopsis of all the dumb-dumb things he did on the council. We need to remember all their misdeeds shall these guys ever try to trick us to vote for them again.


2. Back to Dan Cox again! There is so much material with this one, he’s anti-mask, anti-restrictions, anti-human, but hey what’s not to love? Let’s never forget all the resources the state and county governments had to waste on people like this.


dopl3r.com - Memes - Tank.Sinatra @GeorgeResch Me getting my Masters in  Epidemiology from YouTube University LOOK BEFORE BACKING The OgBho EESרח
So many people are experts these days!

And our number one article of the year, entitled: Freedumb from awareness, Freedumb from responsibility, really sums things up nicely this year. For the life of us we will never understand these people. We blame Trump of course, for if he had embraced the masks from the beginning these sheeple would have never carried on this way.


Party City Is Selling "FU 2020" Balloons For New Year's Eve | POPSUGAR  Smart Living
Let’s all hope for a better 2021. But, never forget those who made this year much harder than it needed to be.

2 thoughts on “A top ten in 2020? Okay, fine.

  1. Hello Yokels

    The tragic irony of Tony’s post about the virus was that it eventually went through his family, sending both of his parents to ICU, and eventually taking his father.



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