Oh man, how did Xenu sneak back in here?


If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we aren’t fans of the Scientologists. There’s been so much information from former members, and family of members, that show that this organization is no bueno. Way back in 2015, they bought a piece of property near Thurmont on which they wanted to open a Narconon facility to treat drug addicts.  ( You can read our stories from that time period here.) The problem? They have no idea what they are doing. In fact, these facilities are dangerous and have been shut down in other jurisdictions. The story in today’s Frederick News Post also talks about the 4 deaths in 200 bed facility since 2009.

We checked case search every now and again, and kept seeing that the Scientologists were given extension after extension and extension. This week some compromise was met that will allow them to have an 8 bed facility. Why even bother? Hopefully they won’t be able to sucker 8 people, who are desperate and therefore very vulnerable to this kind of thing, into their “facility”. Sure we have a huge opioid problem in our county, but sticking people in saunas isn’t the answer to it.

3 thoughts on “Oh man, how did Xenu sneak back in here?

    1. Of course, not all scientologists are bad. It doesn’t mean they are qualified to treat addicts. Scientologists are victims of a cult. This also means that if pressured by their Church they could do some pretty terrible things in the name of religion, fully believing it is the right thing.


  1. This gives the Church of Scientology (coS) an opportunity to now get involved w/other & many aspects & parts of our Frederick County Communities.

    When CoS began in Clearwater, (correct-town )FL they owned a block or two a few decades ago. Today the CoS owns the entire town & are well woven into all threads of the social fabrics. What will happen here in central Maryland and the mid-Atlantic?

    Narconon Of DC , now coming to Frederick County, will probably only have patients from far across the country and not locals. That is how they make it hard for patients to get back home to their support networks.

    My hat is off to those FC residents who stood up against this group for a long fight lasting years. They originally hiked up the short road to the entrance gates of Trout Run before engaging in this long battle to protect Frederick County from an unwanted neighbor.

    Do staff & administrators of their land acquisition arm of CoS still live in Myersville, MD?


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