Xenu update!!!!

In today’s FNP, we are treated to a Trout Run/Scientology/Xenu update! Twelve times the judge has granted the Scientologists an extension. TWELVE! How long is this to go on for? Well, their attorney had this to say when asked that very question: Frederick attorney Bruce Dean, one of the lawyers representing SBPI, declined to comment […]

Xenu part deux: Narconon clusternut at Trout Run

What the heck is even going on? A judge has remanded another frustrating thing back to the Frederick County Council, saying that they did not explain the reason for their vote that kept Trout Run from receiving a historic designation. (Umm…they said it wasn’t a special piece of local history?) Nobody apparently told Judge William R. Nicklas, […]

Welcoming Xenu to Frederick County?

According to the editorial board of the Frederick News Post, we are likely to see the historical designation needed for The Church of Scientology to run a drug rehab and/or group home pass. Shuffling uncomfortably while staring at our feet isn’t going to cut it. The editorial is meant to help us swallow the inevitable from Narconon. […]

Send in your pics!

Thanks to a local reader who was in the right place at the right time to catch Bigfoot leaving our calling card! Remember last year when we had a contest and asked you to take a pic with our cards? Well, we never knew we were so popular with the mythical creatures as well! If any […]