It’s Land Grab Day!

Sigh.. How many times are we going to have to go through this?

Tonight the council is having a workshop on a variety of issues:

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 11.14.57 AM

We can just imagine all the folks lined up to talk about the erroneous belief that everyone’s land is getting snatched up by the River Plan. Which is a list of suggestions, not even a law, and which basically is trying to save the river which all of us have a vested interest in since, you know, we kinda need water to live. Which now gives us a Yokel flashback to when Billy said you could drink out of any waterway in Frederick and not get sick! I wonder how many of these naysayers would take the Monocacy River drinking challenge! Anyhoo, we’ll let you know how this all turns out!

2 thoughts on “It’s Land Grab Day!

  1. If the 2/12 Frederick County Council is held this evening (maybe weather related changes) the only public comment will be at the end of the meeting. Stan Mordensky, a river board member was censored from speaking at public events but Stanford speak volumes as a private citizen. I, being Stan, was censored because I could not promote or sell this package of damaged goods called the 2018 River Plan. I urge rejection of this poor, poor plan. The river board presentation on 1/16/19 required “barn stall mucking boots” up to my eye balls w/all the untruthful statements made by two private property rights/farmer river board members chosen& elected to speak for this pro private property rights & constitutional land rights trespass supporting land owner river board favoring property rights & supporting trespass to keep other MD citizens from enjoying the Monocacy River that belongs to every citizen of Maryland. Some attendees tonight plan to display “mucking boot attire “ like the mink stools of high fashion of years gone by gone by. Reminds NEA littleof the song, “Delta Dawn Of years gone by”. The big question remains will Baby Doe, Doe Doe and there triplet well known sister appear at a future public comment?


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