Let’s compare and contrast council member comments! Your Juneteenth council meeting report!

We know Bessie..we know.

This has been a depressing week so far, hasn’t it? We still have not recovered from the audio released from where they are keeping the children along the border. Don’t think we ever will. So, our patience with the likes of Billy is pretty darn thin when he retweets trash like this:

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.52.07 PM.png
We can’t say enough “nice” things about these people!

We thought the meeting may be a nice distraction from the national horror show that our country has now become, and maybe if not for Billy, it would have been. Let’s take it from the top.

We missed a few parts here and there, but were able to get to most of it.

First of all, Kirby decided it made great political sense to miss the last meeting before the election! An alert reader led us to believe that he was planning his victory party and then shared this screenshot with us:


You kill us Kirby!

Billy votes against the agenda and abstains on the budget adjustments. Worthless!

There are six installment purchase agreements and all pass 6-0.

Planning commission appointments and all county executive appointments are approved with NO DRAMA.

We are given a very confusing audit/not audit on the agreement between the Sheriff’s department and ICE. Not the 287g agreement that everyone was talking about last week, but the Intergovernmental Service Agreement. Just how many agreements do we have with ICE anyway? The nice lady presenting basically said that it was cost-effective for the county, but that her numbers weren’t 100% solid. It seems as though the Feds give the Sheriff’s office somewhere around $80 and the Sheriff’s department spends somewhere around $50 on each inmate. So, that begs the question from both Jessica and Jerry if the feds can come back asking for the money they collected and didn’t spend. A later public commenter speculates as to whether this money is being used to militarize the police department. And we couldn’t help but wonder that ourselves. We’ve all seen the tank, correction: the armored vehicle displayed around town. You haven’t? Well, click on over here.

The school construction fee first reading was taken off the agenda this evening and we had to bow out of the others. We also walked in late to the discussion of the proposed charter amendments. There was some lively characters giving comment, but none of this lasted very long.

Not it’s time for the compare and contrast portion of the evening!

Alright! Calm down!

Tony starts off the comments very concerned.  Tells us that people don’t have the right to come up here and politic. But, they do have the right to tell us their titles! Because he wants to know what y’all are up to! He says that Jan said on the radio that they were editing the titles and all the naughty words out of the 287g meeting! Now, naughty words be gone, but Tony will not stand for the erasure of the titles! That’s censorship! And all of this seems as though it should have been handled through email. Ray Barnes says he will look into.

Jerry starts off his comments by making us aware of the free summer meals for students who need them. Also, puts out a call for election judges and reminds us to support our local fire departments by attending the local carnivals. He then gives us all a nice history lesson about Juneteenth and the 13th-15th amendments to the Constitution. We all appreciate this very much since it seems as though nobody remembers anything these days. He ends this nice little talk with: “The right to vote is a continuous fight.”

Guess who is going to ruin it?

Billy. Of Course. The first thing out of Billy’s mouth after Jerry mentions the struggles African Americans have had to overcome is this: “I think if you vote you should have to show a photo i.d. That’s what I am going to fight for!”

If he is even capable of feeling any shame!

He then proceeds to pat himself on the back for solving the opioid crisis through his Classmates 4 Life film contest. As though anyone is buying that load of crap!

Jessica and M.C. and Bud also have nice things to say about events they attended and all the nice things that are happening in our community this week. And this is why this section is entitled “Compare and Contrast.” Tony has complaints about unconstitutional video editing, Billy wants to suppress the vote and congratulate himself, meanwhile the other four want to talk about what is going on in our community.  See the difference? We sure do.

Remember to vote folks. #localelectionsmatter, a whole freaking lot.

3 thoughts on “Let’s compare and contrast council member comments! Your Juneteenth council meeting report!

  1. At the CC meeting today, an audit of the 287(g) meeting was mentioned in regard to the costs of the “ICE” program. The cost of housing these aliens, is $53/day. The sheriff is reimbursed at $83/day since 2007. The detention center averages 40 alien individuals per day. $30 X 40 X 365 X 11 = $4,818,000. What is this money being spent on, and who decides? A budget adjustment was made today to cover the projected shortfall for a $143,000 crash proof gate for the FC Law Enforcement Center to prevent a truck from crashing through to prevent a terrorist attack. I am against the militarization of local police forces. They already have an armored vechile. I’m all for the safety of the police force, but have things gotten that bad in Frederick County?


      1. It’s not being spent on the OPIOID CRISIS, or community policing programs! Let’s demand an accounting to see the spending on surplus war machinery. It’s probably being sold for pennies on the dollar.


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