That is not what is happening here.

Local 3 time Board of Education candidate (and 2 on her way to 3 time loser) Cindy Rose has made a declaration about our blog.

Who would like this?

Let’s look at the definition of hate group.


We are continually amazed at the lack of comprehension exhibited by Cindy Rose. The bar just keeps getting lower.

Pointing out logical fallacies does not a hate group make.

Just because we would HATE to see you on the school board does not make us a hate group. How about turning the hyperbole down a notch or two or a million?

2 thoughts on “That is not what is happening here.

  1. Oh my god. What a snowflake. Need a safe space?

    Democrats are the REAL racists. Billy Shreve was a victim of sexual harassment. Only a lizard person like Rose could take one look at the current political climate and identify herself as the REAL victim.

    I actually do feel bad for her. I think all of her actions have this undercurrent of rage and anguish. She wants to externalize all of that instead of living in peace. It’s sad.


  2. Cindy often calls in to the afternoon program on WFMD (yawwwwwwn). Neither she, nor the hosts, ever identifies her as a candidate for BoE – even though she pontificates on matters impacting FCPS.


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