It’s your double day Bingo drinking game!

Oh Mr. Puffinstuff, do take care!


The council has saddled us with two meetings this week. The first one, scheduled for this evening at 4:30, has some interesting items. Steve Horn, who seems to be Billy’s mortal enemy as of late, is in the house to present the Livable Frederick plan. Here’s how Kirby feels about it:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 10.17.02 AM


Next, it appears that Tony wants to bring Off Track Betting to Frederick County.  There’s also some discussion of some other bills and the gas pipeline that Potomac Edison wants to run under the Potomac River so they can pump fracked gas down from Pennsylvania! What could go wrong?! We end Tuesday’s meeting with two public hearings on the MDX bill and DRRAs.

Wednesday’s meeting, scheduled to begin at 6:00, has two third readings and a public hearing on the Monocacy Scenic River plan. We cannot possibly commit to making two drinking games in a week! Therefore, we are leaving you with this handy bingo drinking game that can be used for both nights! Pick your poison, mind your liver, and drink whenever you get a bingo! Good luck!

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 10.27.08 AM

2 thoughts on “It’s your double day Bingo drinking game!

  1. Re: “Livable Frederick” … Kirby, and a lot of other dullards like him (yes, this is my new favorite word, and VERY appropriate to describe Shrelauter), keep claiming that the public have been given “ONLY” 45-days to read a 174 page document. First of all, it’s not that damn hard to read 174 pages in a month and a half — that’s a little over 3 1/2 pages a day, if you want to read reeeeeeealllly slow. If you subtract the front matter (cover, copyright, table of contents, intro letter, etc.) and graphics that separate major sections, it probably decreases the actual page count to around 125-ish. Funny that he complains so much about inadequate time to digest this plan, but had no problem with the 429-page tax bill that was STILL BEING WRITTEN the night of the vote!

    I’ve consumed entire novels in a few days time. The good residents of Frederick County can handle reading this plan. Besides, it is a DRAFT plan, not a decree! Is is a perfect plan – of course not. To complain that the public have been left out of this process is just being ignorant. There was ample opportunity to provide input via surveys and emails. And now it is being taken around on its road show for more input. There are a few county council candidates loudly complaining about how the public need to have more input … good grief! You cannot spoon feed people!


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