No good will come of this. Your January 16, just stay drunk in the ditch, drinking game.


After last week’s complete turn about from Bud Otis, we don’t see much hope of things going well for the rest of the year. This week’s agenda sees the removal of two public hearings that were not given their time in the sun, and one for a very bad bill about MDX. It’s as though we’ve time warped back to the Young BOCC in the span of a week! We don’t have the spirit to go through the entire agenda this week, but we will call your attention to this item on the agenda (note: we are not the ones that highlighted it in yellow.):

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.09.50 AM.png


M.C. is currently the council’s representative on Maryland Association of Counties Legislative Committee, but expect to see that change this evening. Also, we’ll see what Forest Resource Ordinance Bill gets through. Expect it to be the one more favorable to developer interests, for that is where we are now.

So, be safe, but drink whatever you need to do calm your nerves this evening.

3 thoughts on “No good will come of this. Your January 16, just stay drunk in the ditch, drinking game.

  1. Do you ever feel like these idiots are the “bad kids” in some contrived 80’s teen movie?

    A Karate competition would be too athletic for Blaine and skiing is to on-the-nose for billy. I think you gwtnthe Idea. Maybe something about running student council into the ground.

    Now in comes bud to play the clueless hard-ass principal for no goddamn reason.

    Bud and Regina Williams, whose signs are metastasizing like the cancer she is … who on earth do they imagine their constituency is?

    And even if they found a way to get to the general, why on earth do they think that running as deeply flawed republicans candidates in what will likely be a shellacking of a year for all republicans horizontally, diagonally, vertically, you name it … all over the ballot … they would beat a generally competent, generally well liked democratic incumbent?

    I guess I can’t begrudge them their hubris. The cheetoh in Chief is the dog that caught the car so maybe they can too.


  2. Apologies for the typos! You get the drift. I’ll look at a picture of Blaine’s third chin for 5 minutes in time out as my penance.


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