Someone needed this meeting to be speedy. Your December 19th meeting round-up!


The biggest observation we can make about this evening was how very quickly Bud wanted this meeting over. He rushed through parts of the agenda, cut off the auditor before his presentation was over, and asked Tim Goodfellow if he would go faster when presenting the sewer and water amendments. None of us much want to work this time of year, but jeeze o’flip was the heck was up with all that?

We had some shiny nice time at the beginning of the meeting. Chip Jewell received recognition for his many years of service to the Frederick County Fire Services. Students from the CTC were given a good pat on the back for a project they worked on. And, the Oakdale volleyball team received many fine congratulations for winning the state championship!


Billy abstains from voting on the agenda. No public commenters. Veteran’s Advisory Council vote is pushed back. Billy casts the sole brave vote against the budget adjustments.  Then, we are off to another positive presentation from Lori Depies and the outside auditor, We learn just how financially healthy things are in our county. Take a look at the PowerPoint and see for yourself! Kirby needs to question anything good, so he starts off by saying, “I am not an accountant, OK?” Oh we know hashtag! He tries his hand at algebra by saying x represents this and x represents that, so simple math, voila!

Especially when your equation is all wrong!

We are not even going to attempt to parse out his point because he doesn’t really have one and he’s wrong and we are done with deciphering his nonsense! Billy jumps in with that was also my question too and how are we doing compared with our peer groups. The answer is excellent so let’s move on.

Myersville asks permission to annex some property-permission granted.  Bud’s phone give us the Bad to the Bone ringtone that we’ve heard before. Wonder if whomever was calling was the reason he wanted out of there so quickly.

Quick First reading on MDX uses. The FNP reporter asked Bud about this after the meeting, so be sure to read about that here.

The bulk of the meeting was over some amendments to  change the language used  when putting in water and sewer lines. The predictable three were all in arms, even though it was explained to them over and over that what they were changing was how things were already done, they just wished to clarify some language. Billy kept yelling: workshop, workshop, but he couldn’t get anyone to agree. Tony wins a slight victory with some removal of words, and the first amendment was finally passed. The next four, Bud wishes to rush through, and they are all passed without incident.

No public comment at the end. Kirby wants us all to bow down to the accomplishments of the sacred Young BOCC.

Looks like Slick took the drinking game a little too far!

Did you know that because of the Young BOCC, Myersville had to come before the council to ask for annexation rights? M.C. later disagrees with Kirby’s logic, but hey whatcha gonna do?

Everyone else has nice things to say! We are ignoring Billy’s part here because we want some semblance of sanity to remain with us for the holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday season Yokels! We love you!

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