Integrity shouldn’t be hard.

If you are a parent, you know you can’t always get your children to do something you request. So we may have some sympathy for that. But, that’s where the sympathy ends.

Check out this post from The Frederick Extra.  Bryan Chaney, candidate for city alderman, forged his daughter’s name on an application for an absentee ballot.

He claims he didn’t realize he made a mistake. We here at the Yokel claim BS.

There are a few options here about how to categorize his behavior.

1. He really did not know that he couldn’t just sign her name.

2. He knew he couldn’t,  but he did it anyway.

3. He purposefully did it.

Are any of these good reasons? Nope!

1. If he didn’t know this was wrong, how could he possibly be a good candidate for office?

2. If he knew it was wrong and did it anyway, how could he possibly be a good candidate for office?


BONUS ROUND: If Councilman Billy Shreve thinks he’s a good candidate for office, how could he possibly be a good candidate for office?

The stench of Deploramoron is intense.
Dummy endorses dummy for dumb reason.

He cannot possibly be a good candidate for office for reasons such as he expects us to believe that there are no printers or scanners at West Virginia University, according to his “brilliant” social media video.

As we tell our children,  if we can’t trust your actions on the small stuff (knowing forgery is wrong is pretty basic), how can we trust you on the big stuff?

Oh, and that distraction about it would have been ok for him to sign if he had filled out the paperwork if he were her agent,  but he can’t be her agent because he is a candidate, blah, blah, blah, why is this so hard?? Again, if you can’t figure this stuff out, are you seriously going to be a good alderman?

We are just asking the question. You can answer it by how you cast your vote.