A trillion shades of NO!

We swear this isn’t a Halloween trick:

2017-10-30 (2)
Well, he possesses a modicum of self-awareness!

Does he really think that four years will be enough time for everyone to forget all he’s done? Let us spell out our reaction in a series of memes:

Sorry you had to be exposed to that Myrtle!


More shades Grumpy Cat! More shades!

Not to worry folks! With your assistance,we will make sure that everyone remembers his disastrous four years at the helm of our county. And, if people need to be reminded of his arrest, the way he cussed out the teenage ref, or any of the many other ways he behaved that shows just how undeserving he is of any of our votes, well…we’ll be here to remind.

6 thoughts on “A trillion shades of NO!

  1. I’d suspect he’s trolling. In the 2010 BoCC race – which was a great National and County year for Republicans – Blaine was shellacked by D’s Kai Hagen and Linda Norris among City voters. And that’s before his record of performance during his tenure as President of the BoCC.

    I’d suspect a career politician like Blaine can read those tea leaves pretty clearly. That said, his entry in a City race could lead to record Democrat registrations and turnout. 🙂


  2. He dropped out for a long time after beung named in the “black book” scandal. But, having no shame, after time passed, back he came – in a new venue (county office) this time. After his disastrous four years chairing the last Board of County Commissioners, followed by his conviction for prostitution, he is again waiting for collective memory to fade, then he’ll pop up again like a bad penny.


  3. Blaine is just a real class act. Even if you could forget every ridiculous mess he’a gotten himself into and then made worse, he’s still a vulgar little child.


  4. Isn’t it convenient that the Judge who presided over the trial for Blaine’s triple arrest involving human trafficking charges only sentenced him to a “PBJ.” A repeat offender should have been found guilty convicted, and suffer the consequences of his actions. PBJ means if he goes a year without another violation he is free to go and his record will be expunged. Thus an innocent citizen that can run for office! I guess that was the purpose of getting a continuation during his first trial. I guess life’s a game of who you know.


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