Are Facebook posts a window into a man’s soul?

He really might benefit from taking his social media presence down a notch or two!

How much do Facebook posts reveal about a person? It’s an interesting question. Many people seem to think they reveal plenty. Just read about how Harvard rescinded admission for 10 students who shared memes. Or take a look at this list of people who lost their jobs because of what they did on the internet.

#kirbydelauter became #kirbydelauter because he so very erroneously told a reporter she couldn’t use his name on Facebook. That whole international incident would have given most people pause. Perhaps would have made one step back and re-evaluate what one posted. Not Kirby though! You can review our list of why you shouldn’t vote him into our county’s highest office, many of which are things he did online!!

Well folks, he’s not slowing down. Into the Yokel mailbox appeared some thoughts our exalted District 5 commander has had:

Screenshot (49)Screenshot (50)

Something he would do? What is this, the Old West?  Have we descended into such madness that we need to pull weapons out at political meetings? Don’t answer that.

'Ms. Stimpson... cancel my high noon appointment.'

Then there’s this:

Screenshot (51)
That simple!!! If i can’t slosh gasoline all over the place, isn’t freedom already dead?

Thomas Jefferson’s interests have really gone down hill, wouldn’t ya say? And is Kirby advocating for anarchy?

This share really takes the cake though. Behold Soothsayer #kirbydelauter’s latest prediction:

Screenshot (53)
Did you predict Blaine’s loss as well? Or did that one blow right past ya! And keep on sharing Steve Bannon posts #! It’ll be a nice collection to have when he’s taken away in the handcuffs!

As you well know, we aren’t fans of Kirby’s style of governing. We have found very little common ground with any of his positions or the way he treats his fellow government officials.  The one time we appreciated his vote (Trout Run), he quickly took it back. However, if Facebook shares aren’t enough for you please, please read this post about the Jefferson Tech Park. Most especially the part about how the last BOCC let the developer off the hook when it came to school construction. For if everything that Shrelauter has done up to this point hasn’t been enough to convince you, them putting us on the hook for millions of dollars should be enough. It’s almost as though the last BOCC had no idea what they were doing!!



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