Will there be no end to this month? Your June 20th county council drinking bonanza!

Have some control peeps!

With the end of the school year, and all subsequent kid related activities, it seems as though your Lady Yokels have been running in all kinds of circles. Add in some cantankerous county council meetings, a controversial BOE policy, and the Sheriff trotting out his 287 (g) info and it’s enough to make anyone want to drink. Do remember, you only get one liver and you should take care of it. So, when you grab your agenda and fire up your feed, keep in mind this is all for your fun and entertainment!

If this week features any public commenters with props or recording devices, slap back an Angry Possum.

Budget adjustments, appointments, and council information concerning land preservation is the bulk of tonight’s meeting. Should any political grandstanding occur (these people know the election is still a year away right?) have yourself a Flaming Angry Dragon.

There’s a public hearing about closing a county road so St. John’s can expand. Should be interesting to hear the justification for all of that!

Lastly we have council member comments. If Kirby once again uses this as a chance for him to campaign, guzzle down a whole pitcher of The Mad Man. 

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