Meeting of the minds: city and county edition


Tonight there is a joint meeting between the county council members and the city’s board of aldermen.

So Fancy!
So Fancy!


These meetings usually go fairly well, so we are hoping for another cooperative pow wow between these two branches of our local government. On the agenda are these four items:

a. Frederick Municipal Airport – Tim Davis, Planner, City of Frederick Planning Department

b. Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA) – Mike Spurrier, Director

c. Economic Development Department- Richard Griffin, Director of The City of Frederick Economic Development Department and Helen Propheter, Director, Frederick County Office of Economic Development

d. Briefing on potential funding methods for an oversize gym at Butterfly Ridge Elementary School – Kirby Delauter, County Councilman

Things may get a little dicey on the last one. We reported last week on Kirby’s presentation of his “potential funding” and so far it doesn’t look feasible.  We’ll see how he tries to dress it up for the city government.

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