Did ya enjoy your week off? You’re going to pay for it! Your April 5th drinking game!

Now, now Slim, let's not assume the council meeting is going to be a wreck!
Now, now Slim, let’s not assume the council meeting is going to stink!

Hopefully y’all’s livers are nice and rested from last week’s council hiatus. Because, holy moly this week’s agenda is long and controversial. We’re fairly certain Billy will be back, probably basking in the glory of his film award. Maybe he’ll even walk in on a red carpet! Any hoo, grab your agenda, find a comfy chair and prepare to settle in for a good long while. As always, this game is just for fun! Billy and Kirby aren’t worth wrecking your health over!

8, yes 8 budget transfers are on the table! Kirby doesn’t like the Department of Aging and Billy won’t vote on principle.  So, when they cause problems on the simplest of items have a sip of your Manhattan Transfer! Perhaps we can transfer them to another jurisdiction?

Blah, blah, Billy will vote against the minutes, the dumbest thing he can do. Now its time for County Executive Appointments. 4 this week! If any controversy occurs over these fine citizens who volunteer their time to help our government just have a Celebration Cocktail in their honor. We’ll ignore the naysayers this time around.

Sewer time!!! Two public hearings on amendments to the sewer plan and a new sewer line for Lewistown. Have to say we love the Out Of Sequence moniker that refers to the Lewistown issue. If anyone is “Out of Sequence” during this discussion mix up a pitcher of Sewer Rat. 

Sorry Templeton!
Sorry Templeton!

There’s four items on the third reading agenda. Which means these issues could be settled this evening.

  1. Special Exceptions Uses in Connection with Historic Structures AKA keep Trout Run from becoming a reprogramming center. OOH! OOH! We may get to see Gumption the Dragon again! If she’s there have a Green Dragon in her honor.
  2. Medical Cannabis Growers tonight could be your night! If Billy chimes in with any last minute amendments that he didn’t bother to tell anyone about quietly sip back some Liquid Marijuana.
  3. Last chance to cause trouble on the impact fees. First off It’s Revisions to School and Library fees. If (when?) Tony decides to take up the banner of developers and drags this meeting into 2 hour territory mix up a Lonely Island Lost in the Middle of a Foggy Sea.
  4. Last, but not least, School Construction fees. When Kirby goes on about how Jan didn’t negotiate with builders, but instead blackmailed them (perhaps put a gun to their heads) and he had it all figured out but nobody wants to listen to him go ahead and pour yourself a Mad Hatter. 

Now, there’s some legal matter (hmm!) that the council needs to go behind closed doors to sort out. Last time Billy objected, if he does so again swig back Aida’s curse. 

Public comment and Council Member comment is unpredictable and we think that’s enough alcohol for one evening.

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