Blaine's naughty time has been taking too much of our time!
Blaine’s naughty time has been taking too much of our time!

Hey there Yokels! Blaine’s scandal has rightly taken much of our time these past few days. We did want to report on the short 26 minute meeting that took place this past Tuesday. “26 minutes,” we hear you declare! Well, there’s a reason for that. Old Billy boy was no where to be found. Maybe he was over in Anne Arundel County just begging for Blaine’s case to be dropped. Who knows?

We start off harmless enough. Kirby votes against the budget transfers because no way , no how is the Department of Aging allowed anymore money out of him! The only business of the evening is a public hearing on the impact fees. Only four speakers, so it went by quickly enough.

Without Billy, Council member comments also went off without a hitch! Kirby informs us that the Governor is on board with his idea of leased back schools. I wonder if the Governor has the same impression of that conversation. Then Jerry reminds us what happens when schools are built on the cheap. But hey, what does Kirby care about 50 years down the road? Chemlik chooses to keep his trap shut and we’re done.

I guess what we’ve learned from tonight is that if we want a short, concise meeting we need to make sure Billy is somewhere else.