Your Yokel Blaine Update!

Wowza! These past couple of days have been busy, busy, busy. We here at the Yokel keep asking one another, “Can you believe it?” To which the reply is always, “Well, yeah.” Let’s catch up.

After last night’s revelation that Blaine was charged with 4 counts of prostitution, he posts this on Facebook:

This was quickly removed, we imagine under his lawyer’s advice.
Can't pin this one on the demons, gotta take responsibility Blaine!
Can’t pin this one on the demons, gotta take responsibility Blaine!

Later in the day the Baltimore Sun releases the charging documents. And never a more sordid tale have we read. So it appears that Blaine went on a website called back page and clicked on the naughty adult section. There he was intrigued by an ad that promised:

Guaranteed fun, freaky & fetish friendly with all services covered.

Mr. Young then drove the hour or so out to a hotel in Linthicum, paid his $60 (!) and  proceeded to undress. Then the awful, albeit obvious to just about anyone else, truth was revealed to him. He was not in a “fetish friendly’ environment. He was in the middle of a sting operation. And holy Dateline episode, of course we all saw this coming. If you want to read more choose from any of these available stories:

At least this story didn't read: "County Executive Blaine Young...."
At least this story didn’t read: “County Executive Blaine Young….”

Soon we’ll go back and see what Blaine had to say about all that Black Book hullabaloo. It doesn’t seem to be the bunch of nonsense he once claimed it to be.


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