A true Local Yokel hero!

2016-03-13 (3)

A few  friends of the Yokel posted this YouTube video of Frederick High School teacher Matthew Johnston speaking before the Frederick County BOE. Mr.  Johnston is very upset that students  who don’t pass the PARCC exam will have these words emblazoned upon their transcript:

“The student is not college and career ready.”

What the what? So, let’s work this out. Let’s say a student gets good grades, hell even all C’s, but does not pass this exam. Perhaps they don’t test well, or perhaps the test is a piece of crap. Now they are saddled with the modern day equivalent of the Scarlet Letter upon their future prospects. Not to mention what that does to one’s self confidence.

We don’t give out tips of the hat willy nilly around here. For  your years of service to our children and your bravery in bringing this issue to light….

For you, Matthew Johnston, the most deserving honoree to date!
For you, Matthew Johnston, the most deserving honoree to date!

To those who thought this was a good idea, we here at the Yokel want to know what rock you are living under! If you have something to say to the Maryland State Board of Education email them at this address: msde@maryland.gov. This is not a done deal so there’s still time to make your voice heard!

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