Your first drinking game of 2016! So much for your resolution to cut back on the drinking!

I guess we are in for another year of hearing abstain!
I guess we are in for another year of hearing abstain!

Happy New Year one and all! This afternoon is the first council meeting of the new year and its chock full of all kinds of goodness. We are sure that with Billy’s ego all pumped up from his newly elected position as the Republican Central Committee Chairman he’s going to be all kinds of crazy. But please remember this is just for fun, the Chairman will not come and rescue you.  Grab your agenda and hold on to your seats.

Let’s start things off right! When the Chairman of the Board decides that it’s against his long held beliefs to vote on any of the consent agenda items  or to approve the minutes for the previous meetings, throw back a Set the New Year on Fire, because you really didn’t think things were going to change did you?


Time for County Executive appointments. We have all kinds of fun commissions on the list. It’s rare that “someone” doesn’t have something to say during this time. If we happen to make it through this agenda item without a peep, clink glasses with a friend and take a swig of your Silent Sam. Because we all wish for some silence from a few up there.

Zoning time! If Kirby tries to talk about another project that he swears is relevant but really isn’t, slam back an End Zone. 

There’s four items on the first reading calendar. Four! Historical structures, Medical Cannabis, Ethics and Transfer fees! Set up a row of your four favorite shots. Guzzle one down for each time there’s some grandstanding. Refill as necessary.

Public hearing to add the Captain Samuel Cock Farmstead (stop giggling!) to the Frederick County register of historical places. If (when) Billy mentions Trout Run, be sure to daintily sip your Red Rooster.



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