Everything was going so well tonight….then came Billy.

This evening’s county council meeting was going so well.  So well, in fact, that your yokel’s were messaging one another wondering what we could possibly say about it. Of course we spoke way too soon, because we oh so stupidly underestimated the chairman’s ability to throw everything all to hell.

We can't get through one meeting can we?
We can’t get through one meeting can we?

Even after a whole year, Billy cannot learn the proper procedures. And we just knew that he was going to find some way to bring up Trout Run tonight. After claiming that he read the FrederickpNews Post story about yesterday’s court case, he asks which attorney is representing the county. Well if he actually read the story he would have seen this:

2016-01-05 (4)

Really yokels, how stupid is it to refer to a story in the newspaper and then ask a question that is answered in that very same story? Seriously, does he not know how to read?

There just isn’t any other explanation!

Billy is quickly shut down for asking questions during comments. Something he has been told many, many times before not to do. He claims to be asking for the public (thanks Billy but we can read). He then inquires as to whether or not he should walk down to the podium as a member of the public to get his questions answered. Our answer would be a resounding yes! Please, please return to the public so that’s the only place we will have to see you anymore.

At the beginning of the meeting Bud apologized for saying some erroneous things about Regina Williams and the position she once held. Instead of just letting it go Billy HAS to bring it up again during his comments because he is a CRETIN. Maybe we can go with Kirby’s Grannypod idea and lock Billy away in one.

Looks good to us!
Looks good to us!

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