Open question: what would you repudiate?

Hear ye, hear ye! ICYMI Fredericktowne: Repudiation Day was on Saturday, and a good time was had by all. An excerpt from our local newspaper, not printed on paper taxed by the British (friendly reminder; buy local media–it’s important to a functioning government), and mostly read in {paid} electronic form by this local yokel.

Isabel Damazo, a student in [Gary] Brennan’s class, said they studied the primary documents and newspaper accounts of the repudiation earlier this semester.

Among other documents, the original court minutes book from 1765 was on display inside City Hall.

Frederick County Circuit Court Judge Theresa M. Adams and Circuit Court Clerk Sandra Dalton led a re-enactment of the showdown between the clerk and judges, who later became known as “the 12 immortals.”

“I continue to be amazed at the courage of these 12 justices,” Adams said at the end of the event. “This was a decision which could have cost someone his life. It was a really brave and courageous decision.”

 Couple things, y’all.

A.) How privileged are we to have public school students learning from primary historical documents in our community? Woot! Woot! Kudos to FCPS quality education and to our local forefathers, who contributed to the noble history of this nation. Taxation without representation was a big stinkin’ deal (just ask The District). Some people like to omit that part about representation, just posturing in opposition to taxes. Don’t teach half of history and be through with it. Use the representation you have. Our forefathers would be embarrassed by our failure to use their gifts for our betterment.

B.)  Would our heroic ancestors be standing up in public and saying,  “Be afraid; be very afraid”? We must stop adopting a terrorized demeanor. Courage is the only way to begin to rise above those who wish to make us fearful and who seek to endanger our founding principles.

In repudiation of fear-mongering, enjoy the wisdom of one of the signatories of our Declaration of Independence, Samuel Adams. We will have to salute his genius in our next drinking game. Might as well stock up on the beer in advance!

Cheers! Word of advice. If you have a chance to visit the City Tavern in Philly where our forefathers informally met for drinks and debate, Jeffersons Tavern Ale will knock you on your badonk. And they say they had to reduce the alcohol content considerably to sell it. Was our independence won on liquid courage?


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