Hear ye, hear ye!!!! It’s time to bring back an old Frederick tradition!


We are so proud to know that we here at the Yokel are following in the footsteps of hundreds of years of snarkiness in these here parts. From Sunday’s Frederick News Post we learned of this little bit of awesomeness concerning the dreaded Stamp Act of 1765:

When 12 judges in Frederick County, in an act of courage and rebellion that would earn them the moniker “immortal,” denounced the British Stamp Act on Nov. 23, 1765, old Frederick Town responded with a parade, a formal burial of the act, and a celebration ball.

A coffin, with a copy of the act inside, was paraded through town, followed by an effigy of the man who was hired by the British monarchy to collect the tax, as the “sole mourner” of the court’s action.

Drum beats bounced from the facades of buildings in downtown Frederick.

The coffin and effigy were buried near the gallows on the old courthouse lawn, near the current city hall.

Okay readers, picture this. We take a copy of…let’s say the English Language Ordinance. We then place it in a coffin and walk solemnly down Church Street, and then bury it in the ground. Of course, we may have to have more than one effigy, but I am sure our Forefathers won’t mind if we modify their presentation a tad. Afterwards, we throw a  party where we  all drink and laugh the night away. Wouldn’t that be a fine tradition to start up again? We are absolutely giddy just thinking of the possibilities. Who is with us?!

Until we can organize this, you will have to settle for an re-enactment of the event tomorrow outside of City Hall.

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