I guess Billy's canyon will be here sooner rather than later!
I guess Billy’s canyon will be here sooner rather than later!

Happy Holiday Season yokels!  We are ringing in  December with a council meeting. Will it be festive and full of joy? Or will Uncle Billy throw a fit and will cousin Kirby destroy our drinking water so someone can have a gazebo? Grab your agenda here and watch it live. And remember Santa’s watching, and you will go on the naughty list if you take this seriously.

If Billy finds himself abstaining from a vote, mix up a Why Santa Has a Naughty List cocktail.

If Kirby does as we are prognosticating and votes against the enhanced protections of water body buffers, try yerself a Swamp Water. If all 3 of the dunderheads vote against it, upgrade to a Brain Fart.