Let's hope things don't get this bad folks!
Let’s hope things don’t get this bad, folks!

Howdy-do, faithful readers! It’s that drinking time of the month again. Not too much on this agenda but we are all too sure a few will find a way to make things interesting on a legislative day. There’s no reason this can’t be lively.

Last month it was boys in ties, this month it’s the Girl Scouts. If you see a scowl from any of the usual suspects when picture time comes, simply sip a Thin Mint Martini.

If (when?) Billy abstains, at each occurrence take a gulp of your Abstinence on the Beach. 

Assuming snide comments will be made by someone or other–especially in light of the fact that things have been taken off the agenda and there’s a request to go to a closed session–if a complaint is expressed in those oh-so-indignant tones brewed to perfection over time, have a swig of anything from the Whiners craft beer menu.