High Sheriff of Frederick, M.D.?

Law trumps science!
Law trumps science!

The High Sheriff is in the news again! What now you may ask? He really, really doesn’t want medical marijuana in  Frederick. And it isn’t just because he thinks it will place an undue burden on law enforcement when it comes to protecting these facilities. It’s much, much more than that:

Jenkins dismissed arguments many proponents of medical cannabis cite on the drug’s benefits in addressing chronic pain and specific diseases and disorders including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and PTSD. For Jenkins, the real issue boils down to a pathway to legalization.

“I’m not a doctor, and I’m sure that that information and those statistics are probably reliable. I just don’t agree with it. … I think in most cases, it’s [for the purposes of] legalization, that’s the endgame, so let’s call it what it is,” Jenkins said. “Total legalization is what these people want.”

So there Cancer patients and parents of epileptic children the Sheriff cares not for your pain. Because all of this is medical cannabis hub a bub is just a huge manipulation to make marijuana legal for everyone*.  The fact is this is happening; it’s been approved by the State and he can’t stop it. And these words will probably never be uttered on this site again so hold onto your britches:

High Sheriff, please jump on the Billy Shreve bandwagon on this issue. Figure out how to make this work and stop saying terrible things. Just stop it!

* Side note: For someone who is always talking about his lack of resources, wouldn’t it be a huge burden lifted off of his force if marijuana was legalized? Is he really Richard Nixon crazy when it comes to the danger of this drug?


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