Shreve for President!?




Sorry dear readers! We hope you didn’t choke on anything or pass out from fright after reading our title. But we don’t know what else to believe after seeing this:


From the Republican tent at the fair.
From the Republican tent at the fair.

First of all,! That’s hilarious. Secondly, what the hell? What does he think he’s running for and when? We’ve heard some very disturbing rumors that he is considering a run for State office. Even with that horrifying knowledge this sticker still makes no sense! Let’s see if we can guess who Billy wants to be President next year :

Enough said.
Enough said.

5 thoughts on “Shreve for President!?

  1. Do you all watch South Park? You need to check out the latest episode. Goes right along with Billy’s campaign message, you will love it.


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