Idiocracy on the airwaves

Folks, we love you, we really do. But we may have to start a Go Fund Me for the amount of wine it’s going to take to calm us down from what we just listened to on WFMD. Listen if you dare, but it just may spoil your weekend.

Bob Miller is a congenial fella. He starts his conversation with Billy with the usual pleasantries. Billy claims that he’s doing great! Bob says that he may not feel the same way at the end of the radio segment. To which Billy replies that is impossible. I mean really Bob, how can someone who has little to no idea of what’s going on be affected in any way?

Billy starts out by saying that Jan’s move to take back the nursing homes through the use of eminent domain is a bad idea for her and a bad idea for the county. That not only is she being aggressive towards a small Frederick County business, she’s hired thugs to intimidate them.

We would like to school you on the use of eminent domain!
We would like to school you on the use of eminent domain!

That’s right! Lawyers that the county has hired, that Jan later points out were also used by the Young Board, are thugs. And they are being such meanies to Aurora who is just a small, down on it’s luck company trying to make it’s way in the world. Billy then goes on to complain that the nursing homes have caused a gazillion lawsuits and since it’s government run there’s no incentive for them to do better. NONE! Bob asks him some questions as to how much the lease was compared to how much it would cost to buy the facility outright and now we have to go to commercial because Billy can’t (is totally unable?) to find out the answer to any of these questions. And then Billy wants Jan to come out of her ivory tower to speak to little peasant Billy.


And Good Zeus the condescension this man possesses. Jan calls in, (Happy Birthday!) and we can hear the annoyance in her voice. Billy starts right in on her, making sure everyone knows this is the first time that big meanie Jan has talked to him and whine, whine, blah. The truth is folks, you cannot talk to this man. What he calls talking is yelling and talking over whatever you are saying the ENTIRE time. He doesn’t know how to take turns, he doesn’t know how to listen and we can certainly see why nobody down at Winchester Hall wants to deal with him!

Bob Miller says he’s going to turn off Billy’s mic, but he continues to talk over Jan. Until Jan pointingly asks, “Am I going to be allowed to talk?” Billy goes quiet so we can only assume that Bob had to flip the switch. Jan tells us she had to call up because of the entirely false and erroneous statements made by Shreve. She talks about the terrible financial deal made with Aurora. She acknowledges the difference of opinion regarding whether or not the county should operate a nursing home. She happens to think we should, since assisted living is not covered for many people and one of the functions of government is to provide for the common good.

Bob ends the discussion by saying one of you is right and one of you is wrong and only the facts will tell. He asks Billy one final question. Why are you supporting Aurora so much? His reply? “I lived through what Jan Gardner did!” Billy decides to leave us with one parting bit of wisdom:

Barack Obama took your doctor away and now Jan Gardner is taking your health care facility away.

Have a great weekend Yokels!
Have a great weekend Yokels!

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