S.O.S. drinking game: hair of the dog that bit you version

It’s time for everyone’s favorite event! The Frederick County Council drinking game. You know the rules! Have fun, but no drinking and driving. Participate at your own risk.

Everybody with a drama hangover from the final Burn It All Down Blaine BOCC is steeling again to confront one of the biggest issues facing the current County Executive and Council. On tonight’s agenda is the Citizens Nursing Home and Montevue Assisted Living Facility debacle. Let’s rebuild this county, folks.

save our seniors
Thank you to Carl Thomas for the image share.

Tomorrow afternoon’s agenda looks like it will be contentious, both before and after the intermezzo. Beginning with workshops on 2016 proposed legislative issues and council rules and procedures in the first two acts. Take a swig from whatever flask of hard spirits you keep up your sleeve for:

  • segues to party talking points
  • instances of behavior from Billy that make both the need for the workshop and the futility of it crystal clear

Eat a lot of bread and pasta during the break, because the Citizens/Montevue hearing could produce a long haul in the form of public comments. Hopefully. We like to think people care. When eminent domain is bashed, make yourself a Communist. You should just keep a case of your favorite beer or a bottle of your favorite wine handy. This could get messy and you’ll want to have something to help you make it through until the end.

Bottoms up!

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