Council member comments-Hyperbolic nonsense and rose colored glasses


It took a few days, but the entire video of the July 21st hearing is up and running. Watch here.

We had to bail out after two hours and from our previous posts, you can see what we had to say about that. We had been waiting in intense anticipation to see the Council Member comments for ourselves. Let us begin with this gentleman:


Now Mr. Delauter thinks he’s being deep by quoting Theodore Roosevelt. And it’s a popular technique of those who think they are losing their privilege to scramble to the past to try to justify their feelings. However, Mr. Delauter does not leave it at the quote. He goes on to say that people in 1907:

…had more common sense back then on how to run a country.

Oh really! Shall we talk about America in 1907? You know that time before women had the right to vote. When Jim Crow reigned. A time when child labor was the norm. That America? Oh, Mr. Delauter you really are going to have to get with the times.

It is also during this rant in which he proves he is the King of the Slippery Slope argument. He, in all earnest, asks if we should allow people from England to drive on the left side of the road so they can feel at home. Once again, I believe he really misses the point on what this whole discussion has been about.

One more quote before we move on:

The only fear I have is the country is being torn apart and we are all going to be speaking another language.

Then there’s this rude fella:


So Billy of course has many, many complaints. He belabors one of his points about how Jessica discovered that people may not have been so into his English only ordinance. Belabors to the point that Bud feels the need to interject. This fine gentleman’s response:

I am not finished. I will go at my speed and when I am done I am done and I don’t need you to help me.

Wow! Yes, you people are going to sit and listen to all my blubbering and complaining but I am going to sit up here and do absolutely nothing. So there!

Now he’s also upset about Kirby not profiting off the county:

It’s not fair! Our country was founded by people who have jobs. It’s unfair to his spouse, parents and children.

And then to Bud:

The public is seeing a different side of you and I don’t think it’s favorable.

First of all, Billy, I don’t think Jefferson, Franklin, Washington and Adams were bidding on U.S. contracts while forming this new government. But if they had, it would have been a conflict and the newspapers of their time would have torn them apart for it. And secondly, we happen to like the side of Bud we are seeing. And we admire his restraint in having to deal with someone such as yourself.

With all grace, Bud ignores Billy and goes on to talk about the wonderful Meals on Wheels program we have in this county. Hats off to you Bud.

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