This week’s poll: el idioma es la mejor manera de maldecir Billy en ?

Hello Frederick Local Yokel followers! We took a week off from our poll feature, but now we are ready and raring to go! Here’s the result of our last poll:

You’re all winners! Yes, Mr. Delauter himself not only used his lawn as a toilet, he took to social media to tell others why they should follow suit. Keep it classy #KirbyDelauter!


For this week’s poll we are going to make you work a little. It’s summer and we’ve all gotten a little lazy, so this will be a good chance to wake those brain cells up. In order to participate in this week’s poll you are going to have to put the words you don’t understand into Google Translate like if you live in Montgomery County, or click on the link from which we obtained our information. Happy choosing!


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