July 21st-Part 1

You've got to stop Billy! Now!
You’ve got to stop Billy! Now!

The morose music preceding the start of this meeting was akin to the foreshadowing my English teacher taught us back in high school. This section of the meeting was supposed to be easy. Agenda approval, a couple of Budget Transfers, approval of a Fire Chief and then on to the recess. Whose gonna make this difficult?

Oh what a surprise!
Oh what a surprise!

Approve tonight’s agenda? Hell no! Question all these BT’s…why yes please. What’s got Billy all in a huff today? Well he doesn’t care for money going for an American Sign Language Interpreter. Isn’t that a foreign language, duh? He really wanted to know what the library was going to do with that $26,000 the State gave them. Because reading yuck-a-roo! At this point Tony chimes in because he knows all about this. The library is thinking of providing passport services, since they are seriously lacking. And Tony is soooo into this because he likes his travel time. Now Kirby has something to say, because damnit, he was going to be against this but now that Tony is jumping to its defense, what the hell can he do? Now brace yourself because these exact words came out of Councilman Delauter’s mouth:

If it’s a good thing and helps people I have no problem with it.

We know readers!!! What the hell? Does he think we are all new here or something?!

So back to Billy, he wants the library to have a fundraiser, but screw all this funding nonsense. But he’s really happy that the Sheriff’s office can help the heroin addicts. He’s getting tired of all the calls again.

So after all this questioning you would certainly think Old Billy boy would have some kind of opinion about this. Right?! Right?! Well, my poor naive friends you would be wrong. Because abstain it is!

Same with the confirmation of Tom Owens.

Last item on this first half of the agenda was the 1st reading of a bill for an Industrial Business/Business tax credit. Just a reading. Billy was not allowed to comment and quipped that he just loved the process under this new Charter.

Well our BFF Bud responds with, “I appreciate your comment.” I sure hope  you are talking in code Bud.

See you back here at 7:00!

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