It’s time for yet another drinking game.

The County Council is set to meet on June 30th at 4:30 pm. We know this may a bit early on a weeknight for some of our faithful readers to start drinking, but it seems like you are really going to need one once you read the agenda. As always, we do not advocate making poor choices regarding the amount of alcohol you consume. Just stay home if you are playing along, or arrange for a ride home. As always, we don’t want to hear Billy complaining that he got a lot of calls for rides.

If Billy bows to the flag at the opening of the meeting, make yourself a Stars and Stripes.

If the Council can not even make it through voting on the Consent Agenda without someone breaking Robert’s Rules drink a Harvey Wallbanger.

If Tony mentions homeschooling as an alternative during the adoption of the FCC budget drink a teacher’s aide.

If the Council seems to approve paying Paul Smith’s legal fees you may need one of these to make sure your hearing is working after all the other drinks you’ve had tonight $11,000 cup of coffee.

If Billy, or anyone else for that matter, throws a fit about affordable housing options toss back a Brain Hemorrhage, since we know you will be close to having one.

If MTC hearings are reopened, Champibbles all around! If not, whatever you can scavenge out of the trashcans in Downtown Frederick on Saturday night will have to do.

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