Mr. Smith requests the county council pay up…now!

Give Paul Smith $11,000 in legal fees and nobody gets hurt!
Give Paul Smith $11,000 in legal fees and nobody gets hurt!

While perusing the upcoming county council meeting agenda we found this nice little item d:

Paul wants how much?!?
Paul wants how much?!?

So the aftermath of the FACT letter fiasco has left Mr. Smith very poor indeed. He is requesting the county reimburse him the nice little sum of $11,688.53 for all the trouble he has had to go through. In this letter to County Executive Gardner he complains that since she was elected everything has gone wrong for him.

Indeed the County initially did represent me in the filing of a Joint Motion to Quash the subpoena for my testimony. But after the motion was denied as to me, The County did not wish to file a Motion for Reconsideration, and the County filed its own Motion to Remand the appeal case. The County’s position on both of these matters conflicted with my position and my rights. These positions by the County reflected the change in position of the County after the election of the new Executive. It therefore became necessary for me to obtain independent counsel, which I did.

He continues:

Although the subpoena was quashed by the Circuit Court, the Court went on to rule on some other issues that could affect me–rulings with which I disagree.

So there County pay up! Paul disagrees with the county’s refusal to file another motion, Jan’s election, the court’s opinion, a woman’s right to work outside the home and who knows what else. What we love the most about this little packet of papers is the letter sent to Mr. Smith by County Attorney John Mathias.


Reminds us of a certain scene from that old 90’s movie “Singles”:


As far as it can be told, whether or not there was any wrongdoing concerning the FACT letter is open to debate. Mr. Smith cannot just proclaim himself to be in the right and expect everyone else to follow along. Just because he disagrees with the judge and the new administration’s position doesn’t mean he gets to override it. It will be interesting to see how the County decides on this Tuesday evening.

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