Randomly Occurring Caption Contest

Yeah, we let our caption contest spiral out of control a bit. Excuse our tardiness in announcing a winner. Uh, drumroll please…

Anonuser takes the prize, uncontested, for the previous contest with “Ne ne na na nu.” We raise our Red Solo Cup to you, Anonymous commenter.

We feel sure you will all enjoy this next contest. Not one of us can look at it without dissolving into fits of giggles. Please revel in captioning this photographic festival of crazy. The more you look at it, the more you see. Like a Where’s Waldo of weird stuff. Enter as many times as you like. Eventually someone will be declared a winner.

Please caption this hot mess! We know you can knock this one out of the park.
Please caption this hot mess! We know you can knock this one out of the park. Photo taken from our dearly departed Gazette: support your local media, peeps!

3 thoughts on “Randomly Occurring Caption Contest

  1. How about the following caption for Blame Young…..
    “Really?!?!? I’m LOSING? ???? This BADLY ????? WTF…… They told me I was a sure bet…….”


  2. 1. Pompadourable
    2. The most toys wins.
    3. Hair brained.
    4. I can see Frederick County from here.
    5. And at my back I always hear the right wing cheer.
    6. Palin fell flat.
    7. Now what are Billy’s and don’t use my name’s email addresses?
    8 Nice (coat) rack.
    9. Next week I’ll be in that big zecutive suite, sweet.


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