Paul is not going to jail for you or anyone!


Today we became aware of a six page memorandum that Former County Commissioner Paul Smith sent to the County Council on June 12. It’s chock full of goodness, so we really suggest you read it. MTC_Paul_Smith_6.12.15 For those pressed for time here’s our summary:

  • He’s not signing any affidavit because he’s not going to jail for any of you jerks. And he has his 1st Amendment rights you know.
  • Even though he claims he’s not going to say anything about the FACT letter in the first paragraph, he goes on about it for the next five pages.
  • The judge was way wrong and ignorant in his interpretation of the Stevens case. Why can’t he get a judge that sees things his way?
  • He’s not guilty of any wrongdoing because you can’t prove what he did was “extreme” nor is there any “strong evidence”.
  • And these RALE people are just the worst.


  • “RALE has maligned several of the County personnel in their vicious attacks… Of course they have also waged relentless, vicious attacks against those former Commissioners and those current Council members who disagree with them. These attacks are ugly, continuous, open, and each verbal stinger is then supported by the applause and cheers of their comrades. These ugly displays are a disgrace to civil government, and they are a bullying technique that is intended to make the Council cower before them and to submit to their desires.”


  • None of you people really have any idea what fraud really is. And then let me show you how much these RALE people lie, lie, lie.
  • And I, Comm. Smith really like to talk about myself in the third person. It isn’t creepy AT ALL.

So there you have it folks. No affidavit, the judge can’t interpret law, RALE are just a bunch of vicious jerks and let me tell you, County Council members, how to do your job. No wonder this guy couldn’t win state office.

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