Mad Props to David Gray

Last night’s county council meeting considered the influence of the infamous FACT Letter on the Monrovia Town Center development and zoning. A lot of people came to speak. Almost all of the speakers who do not stand to profit from the development are varying degrees of furious. The council will set a course of action on next Tuesday, June 16th at 4:30.

During public comments David Gray stood up and explained what we have all long suspected. He observed as a member of the previous (and final) Board of County Commissioners that they just did whatever Blaine Young wanted, with no consideration given to anything. It’s pretty easy to see the evidence supporting that. We’ve said before that it is awwwwwfully curious, what with all the newcomers to the county government, somehow the veterans of the previous board seem so often to be the ones lost by things like how a budget works. Thank you, David Gray, man of integrity.

We will now steel ourselves for nastiness toward what some call Turncoat Republicans. We call them independent thinkers, and we adore them. Hopefully Bud Otis will work diligently to return to the top slot in our listicle of beloved turncoats, but today our hearts sing for David Gray.

Especially fine work emphasizing the council's role as a contemplative body. Way to put a fine point on it! Sad that it is such a novel concept that it requires highlighting.
Especially fine work emphasizing the council’s role as a contemplative body. Way to put a fine point on it! Sad that it is such a novel concept that it requires highlighting.

Some speakers, including former Commissioner Gray, said the letter was a political move to justify the board’s approval of the development.

“It seemed very obvious to me, to tell you the truth, that this was to pad the record,” Gray said.

Frederick News Post, Tuesday, June 9, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Mad Props to David Gray

  1. Love this blog….but I must take issue with the term “turncoat” with regard to Bud Otis. I certainly understand that you are illuminating the fact that he is not toeing the party line, but even satire can backfire. As a municipal elected official, I am lucky not to have to run on party doctrine….and this should be the case for county elections as well (if not state or federal). The fact is, people should vote for the best person for the job, regardless of (stated) party affiliation. In the same is true for the elected officials as they should govern with the best interest of their constituents, regardless of the views of big dollar national party doctrines. Bud has shown that intelligence, class and genuine interest of Frederick County residents is his primary concern! Let’s call him a “party pioneer”, because he is charting a new course for his party.

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    1. We do not believe that Bud Otis is a turncoat. We are using other people’s characterization of him. It in fact angers us that he is called that. If that was not clear we apologize. We here at the Yokel are huge fans of Bud and agree with your description of him. We also believe that political affiliation serves very little purpose in local elections. Thank you for your comments and kind words!

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